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Serve the community since 1997, as a proud member of

Our performance wireless microphones provide wide sound response and clear voice re-production.

HS200, Single Wireless Microphone


Single VHF Wireless Microphone at low price $49.95(Special for June,2011)

Guitar Wireless Microphone, HS8668G

Guitar Wireless Microphone for Professional Guitar Players, New !

HS8668G @$99.95

A Portable Wireless PA System with Recorder

HS110R, $129.95

HS210N Wireless PA System UHF with 16 Channels

HS120B, A wireless PA system

SH-120B, Microphone with Amplifier speaker Combo $199.00


HS321, A wireles PA system

HS-321, 35W PA System, 1 handheld, 1 bell pack, transmitter, wit headset lapel Wireless microphone Combo, $299.00


Malata MDVD-6619 karaoke player


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