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HS318 Waist Band Amplifier with FM radio and music player, Lithium rechargeable Battery $99.95

HS418 All in one PA system with Dual Channel microphone and MP3 Player


HS210 Portable PA System with Voice Recorder $189.95

HS700 All in One PA system with Wheel


Waist Band Amplifier with higher power

7Watt +

HS116 White $89.95

Waist Band Amplifier

7 Watts

HS-116 Black $89.95

Waist Band Amplifier

6 Watts

HS-125 $49.95

Waist Band Amplifier with built in Lithium rechargeable battery

10  Watts

HS161  $79.95

A Portable Wireless PA System with Recorder

HS110R, $129.95

Dual Channel Wireless PA System

HS122B $149.95

Wireless PA System with 2 Hnadheld

Wireless PA with Two Microphones

35 Watts

HS300, 149.95

Wireless PA with a Cassette player

Wireless PA with Two Microphones and a Cassette Recorder and player

35 Watts

HS301, $199.95



UHF 32 Channel Wireless Amplifier with Body Transmitter



UHF 32 Channel Wireless Amplifier  with Handheld and Body Transmitters

Portable Wireless PA System

HS120B $199.95

HS120B with PM3 Player

Portable Wireless PA System with MP3 Player HS128MP3 $229.95

Portable Wireless PA System

HS321 $299.95


Portable Wireless PA System Dual


HS322 $499.95



Mixer amplifier for home Karaoke


Amplifier with DVD player CD-G, USB & more

Remote controlled

AV2620T, 5 Channel Amplifier with mixer

Speaker Stand

HS687 Amplifier Speaker at True 80W

HS683 Amplifier Speaker at True 100Watts

HS6541,Amplified Speaker

HS6541 Amplifier Speaker at True 150W with Roller and handheld

HS6551, Amplifier Speaker,180W

HS6551 Amplifier Speaker at True 180W with Roller and handheld

HS6553 Amplifier with iPod Docking and rolling wheel, High quality

MVP2005U A new multi-function Unit with DVD player and UHF wireless microphones


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