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You will get a free wireless microphone MIC306 when you buy this unit

 MA-3800K 600 Watts Professional Digital Mixing Amplifier

If you are looking for the professional karaoke mixing amplifier for your bar or club, look no further than Hisonic brand MA-3800K 760 Watts Professional Digital Mixing Amplifier.

MA3800K is known for its quality and durability. This professional mixing amplifier was built to sustain continuous usage at maximum wattage output.  It is a perfect companion for DJs and KJs who are seeking for a reliable component that will carry them throughout the long night without the nightmare of equipment failure. Click here to see the back connection.

This system works as a Karaoke Amplifier, the 3 microphone inputs can be adjusted individually, you can have the key control for tone change. The main output power can be remotely controlled, the music volume is controlled by remote too. I like it very much for its 3 individual inputs from 3 sources, both can be connected from audio and video, so you can switch between 3 equipments to out their video and audio by one remote, the best part is that you just need one input jack on TV for Video, it is an expansion for input from DVD, PS3 or Music System. Plus, there is a mixed output ( Music and Vocal), from this one, you can connect it with a TV input, so that no matter what source you select, you can hear it from the TV speaker.



  • Audio Output: 380W+380W Output @ 8 Ohm
  • Microphone input sensitivity: 0<15mV
  • Frequency Band: 25Hz to 20kHz
  • Dimension: 420mm(W) x 129mm(H) x 330mm(D)
  • Key Control with remote controller
  • Three  Channels of audio select
  • Three Channels of Video select
  • Electricity consumption: 650W
  • Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan
  • Designed in Germany
  • Weight: 45 lbs


  • 3 x 1/4" Microphone Inputs front+ 1 Microphone from back.
  • Input Signal Attenuators
  • Auto-gain level indicators
  • Individual Microphone Volume Control
  • Individual Balance Control
  • Individual Echo Depth Control
  • Individual Bass/Mid-range/Treble Volume Control

Volume Control

  • Microphone Master Volume Control
  • Music Master Volume Control

Video Controls

  • 3 Video selector is controlled either by remote or front panel: DVD/AUX/VCD
  • Video Output: One output to TV.  When you select one of the three sources, the video input is selected and switched to output too.

Echo Control

  • Depth control
  • Bass control
  • Treble control
  • Repeat control
  • delay time control

Music Control

  • 3 Inputs Selector from 3 Audio Sources
  • Balance control
  • Bass/Mid/Treble control
  • 11 Step Digital Key Control
  • 2 Music Mode: Disco or Karaoke

Full Function Remote Control

  • Key Control: Normal, Low, High
  • Microphone Volume Control
  • Input Selector :3 channels for audio, 3 channels for video
  • Master Music Volume Control

Click Here to download the user manual. (pdf file 3.79Mb)

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