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HSU482L, 48 Channel UHF wireless Microphone

The Receiver and Microphones

Back Connection

The Receiver's Back

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48 Channel Automatic Paring System

Easy to use, free of interference, automatically frequency matching!


Hisonic UHF dual-Channel Wireless System provides you with proven
performance and durability in a variety of settings, from churches to
nightclubs to gymnasiums, from concert halls to broadcast booths and

Each HSU482 Series UHF wireless microphone system includes one receiver and two belt pack transmitters with two headset microphones, each of the
transmitters have 48 selectable channels to match with those of the receiver
for easy system expansion and minimized interference. The belt-transmitter
has a back-lit LCD display that shows you channel #, frequency and battery
strength, you can adjust the frequencies by  pressing the "↑" and "↓"
buttons. To select channels on the receiver, you can either do it manually
or press the "Auto" button so the receiver will scan the channels
automatically and lock on the channel that matches the frequency on the

Unlike some VHF systems, which uses 3.5 mm jack to connect the belt pack and the lapel or headset microphone, this system uses mini size XLR connectors to do the job, this feature greatly enhances the system's overall
performance as well as its durability.

This system has a total of three audio outputs, one of which is mixed output
with standard 1/4" jack, the other two are balanced individual XLR outputs
for each channel. There are also two individual squelch control for each
channel on the back of the receiver.

The HSU482 is designed an half-size for a standard 19" rack, so you can
install two systems side by side to fit on a rack, and you can use up to 4
microphones at the same time provided that they are at different
frequencies. Rack-mountable brackets, screws and instructions are included.


UHF system, 673.700 - 697.975 MHz professional frequency
Auto-Scan frequency pairing
Individual Squelch control for each channel
48 Selectable Channels
PLL (Phase Loop Lock) Synthesized System
Long-range transmission, up to 300 feet
Compatible Handheld Microphones can be purchased separately

Overall System:

Frequency range: UHF band
Frequency response:50 Hz - 15,000 KHz
Oscillation mode: PLL Syntheszied
S/N ratio > 100 dB
Frequency stability < 10 ppm
Distortion < 1%
Operating range: up to 300 feet

Power Supply DC: 14V/400mA
S/N ratio > 100 dB
Sensitivity < 5 dB
Audio Output Connector: Unbalanced 1/4" X1 +  balanced XLR X 2
Power consumption: 4 Watts
Dimensions: 8 3/4"   X 5 3/4"  X  1 3/4"
Weight:4 lbs 2 Oz

Belt-Pack Transmitter:

Power Supply: 2 X AA
Modulation mode: FM
Maximum Modulation: 25 KHz
Output power: 10 mW
Battery Life: 9 hours (continuous)
Dimensions3 1/4"  X 2 1/2" X 3/4"

Package includes:

UHF 48-Channel PLL Synthesized Dual Receiver: 1
Receiver antennas: 2
UHF 48-Channel Belt Pack Transmitter: 2
Headset microphone: 2
1/4" - 1/4" Cable": 1
AC/DC adaptor: 1
AA Battery: 4
Rack Mounting Kit: 1
Plastic Carrying Case: 1
User manual: 1

*Frequencies Display on LCD is no longer in use.

HSU482L $299.95

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HSU482L Wireless Mic.   HSU482L 299.95 each,279.95/2+

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