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Rechargeable Model HS8288

To see rack mountable kit  and back part,  click here. To buy extra rechargeable 9V batteries, please click here.

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Do you like the old fashioned needle type of the indicator with back light ? Yes, this is one! HS8288 VHF Professional Wireless Microphone system is the top-of-line,  rack-mountable, rechargeable wireless microphone system designed for serious singers and professional performers in mind.   Without compromising any performance and quality, this dual microphone system packed with best features in the half-rack microphone receiver unit.

This VHF microphone system offers superior sound quality up to 450 fts in range yet and it offers the conveniences of rechargeable feature.  Additionally, the system offers 1 1/4" output and  2 balanced XLR output connectors provides the highest signal quality to your mixer or amplifier.

This system is a rack mountable, you can set it up on the top of the rack.  You can call us and specify up to 20 different frequency sets to fit your needs.  You can use the unit anywhere in the world simply by replacing the 120V AC Adapter to the voltage in your country.


  • Receiving System: Fixed Frequency crystal-controlled

  • Sensitivity: 12dB for 60dB S/N

  • Audio Output: 25K unbalanced: 0-0.5V/5K ohm, 15KHz deviation

  • Output Connectors: 1 1/4" unbalanced output jack, 2 XLR balanced output jacks

  • Power Supply: 16V

  • Dimensions: 210mm (L) x 135mm (W) x 45mm (H)


  • Battery: 9V Type alkaline or chargeable battery

  • RF Output: 10mW

  • Nominal Deviation: 25KHz, Max 40KHz

  • Battery Life: apprx 5 continuous Hours per charge

  • Power On LED

  • Battery Low Indicator

  • Silence circuit eliminated popping noises when the switch is turned on or off

  • Wide frequency response with low harmonic distortion

  • Perfect mute function and high spurious emission


  • Operating Frequency: VHF high band, 160MHz to 280MHz

  • Frequency Stability: 0.005%, crystal-controlled

  • Modulation Mode: FM
    Audio Frequency Responses: 40Hz to 20KHz

  • S/N Ratio: > 100dB

  • Image Rejection: <100dB

  • Distance: 150 ft in door, 450 ft outdoor

Package Included:

  • 2 VHF Wireless Microphones

  • 3ft 1/4" to 1/4" Microphone Cable

  • Rack-Mountable Kit to fit on any standard 19" rack.

  • 2 120V AC Adapters

  • 2 x  AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.

  • Instruction Manual

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

If you order 2 or more set, please call us and we can select difference frequency set to fit your requirement.


HS8288  $249.95  $199.95 new low price !

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HS8288 Wireless Mic.   HS8288  199.95 each,179.95/5+

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