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You will get a free wireless microphone MIC306 when you buy this unit


1.   2 individual input for 2 outputs

2.   4 Segments echo tuner for each input

3.   4 Segments tuning for Master Volume control

4.   Power output: (True Value) 150W + 150W @ 4 Ohms

5.   THD:             +- 3(1KHz)

6.   Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20KHz

7.   S/N Ratio:    80dB

8.   Microphone Input Sensitivity:     10mV

9.   Input Sensitivity: 120mV

10. Record Output :   1V

11. Subsidiary Output :1V

12. Volume:  0-10dB         

Size :   19"X15"X8"      Weight :   29 Pounds   Quantity Per Case: 1 Set


DM8200  $249.99

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DM8200 Mixing Amp.   DM8200  249.95 each,219。95/5+

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