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The BC80  is a flexible 8 channel  mixer capable of producing Digital sound quality for both live and recording applications.


It has 3 segments of equalizer , 75 Hz high-pass filter , one AUX channel, The console itself includes 8 mic/line inputs and 18 inputs to mix in total (including 4 stereo inputs and tape return to mix). In addition to the mix outs, two sub-buses allow groups of instruments to be sent to multitrack, to additional speakers, or sub-grouped to mix. FX8's 8 Direct Outs are individually fader pre-post switchable so they are equally useful for recording in the studio or at a gig.

 In the EQ section, a "truly British 3-band EQ" with swept mid benefits from custom designed pots which give greater control across carefully chosen frequencies. There is 1   Auxiliary Sends, including a dedicated effects send.


  • 18 inputs as standard

  • 8 mono channels with high quality Ultra Mic™ pre-amps

  • 2 stereo inputs

  • 4-bus architecture, with sub-group routable to mix

  • Direct outputs from channels 1 to 8 for multitrack recording

  • Direct outputs can be switched globally pre- or post-fade

  • Inserts on all mono channels

  • Inserts on stereo mix bus

  • 3-band 'British' EQ with swept mid-band

  • Stereo 18dB/octave 100Hz high-pass filter to cut stage rumble

  • +12V phantom power

  • Channel On switch fur Mute control

  • 10-segment tri-colored metering

  • Two sub-group outputs

  • Separate mono sum output


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    BC80 Mixer.   BC80  399.95 each, 349.95/5+

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